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‘We are experienced in treating the little ones!’

Children are undoubtedly the most important thing for us. In the dental chair, our team of dentists, with a clear and simple language, explains step by step everything they are going to feel, so that the treatment is carried out in a pleasant and relaxed environment and mainly going to be painless.

Our goal will be to minimize the number of cavities in our little ones. For this we use the GoBest Dentist METHOD, where we offer an individualized preventive protocol according to the caries risk of each child, explained and analyzed by Dr. Sana mokashi.

At the GoBest Dentist we cover most of the treatments that fall within the children's dental field.

Although children have milk teeth, it is very essential to teach them proper oral hygiene habits that they must follow daily. It is essential that they learn to take care of the health of their oral cavity from a very young age in order to prevent dental problems in the future.
In addition, the health of permanent teeth is closely related to the state of children's mouths. For this reason, it is essential that they know how to take care of their teeth from their childhood. Thus, they will avoid suffering anomalies or diseases that may affect their dental development.

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Treatments we offer:

We are going to mention a list with the paediatric dentistry treatments most common in children. In this way, you will be able to know which the most common conditions are and how to solve them.

  • 1. Groove and fissure sealants

    Fissure sealants are one of the most common procedures in children. It is a treatment designed to fill any cracks that may appear on the surface of the teeth. A painless and very easy to perform method that will protect children from cavities.

  • 2. Pulpectomy
    Root Canal

    We continue with this list talking about another very common paediatric dentistry treatment among children. Pulpectomy is a treatment similar to Root canal treatment that is performed in adults, but with the difference that, in the case of children, caries will be affecting a baby tooth.
    Remember that endodontics is the treatment applied to adult teeth when a cavity appears that reaches the pulp of the tooth.

  • 3. Dental fillings

    Dental filling is another paediatric dentistry treatment used to treat cavities. It is popularly known by the name of "cement filling" and is often used in both adults and children. These cavities if they are not treated, they end up affecting the nerve, so they must be treated as soon as possible to avoid discomfort and future problems.

    Root Canal
  • 4. Fluoride application

    This technique includes application of fluoride to the child’s teeth, a method that is usually carried out to harden the enamel of the teeth and allow children to have strong and healthy teeth.

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  • 5. Brackets

    We also have to talk about the treatments that are designed for a correct development of the jaw bones and teeth: the placement of dental brackets also known as braces. It is a method designed to correct any alteration or abnormality of bone or dental development that may be inside the child's mouth.. For example, these appliances can be used in the case of a poorly developed or poorly positioned lower jaw.

  • 6. Space maintainer
    Root Canal

    These prostheses are used when young children lose a tooth or it is removed due to a large cavity. As the name implies, it is to conserve space for the future definitive piece.
    They are made to measure by the dentist or orthodontist of acrylic or metallic material and can be removable or fixed. If the space of the missing tooth is not maintained, those that come out can move towards the open space and later originate an orthodontic treatment.
    These are some of the most common paediatric dentistry treatments performed in the dentist's office. It is important that, at least once a year, you take your son or daughter to the annual check-up to check their oral health.

    Proper prevention is essential for permanent teeth to grow healthy and strong in the future.
    Visiting a dentist annually is essential to ensure that your child is in strong and safe health. In addition, it is the responsibility of the parents to instruct them in the daily care and hygiene of the teeth, so do not miss it!
    Baby teeth are more important than we think as they contribute to the development of future teeth, bones and jaw muscles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A general recommendation is a dental visit every six months in order to prevent dental decay and problems. However it can only be decided on the basis of the oral hygiene status of your child.A general recommendation is a dental visit every six months in order to prevent dental decay and problems. However it can only be decided on the basis of the oral hygiene status of your child.
Sealants work by filling the crevasses that are present on the chewing surfaces of teeth. Thus, there is no space for food particles to get trapped and cause decay. Also, it is very fast and comfortable and hence won’t cause any discomfort to your child.
In most cases this habit disappears when the incisors begin to appear, but if it is not corrected, it can be a trigger for future problems such as pain in the muscles of the face, migraines, earaches, tooth wear, etc.
Mouth guards can be used to protect a child’s teeth during any physical activity. It is a soft, mouldable plate which can be customized by our dentists as per the shape of your child’s mouth. It not only protects the teeth but also gums, muscles and other soft tissues from severe injury.