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‘Imagine what happens to your gums if they are not properly cared for and not treated on time?’

At one point, periodontal disease can completely take over the oral cavity, like weeds on the runway of a long-abandoned airport. Traditional conservative methods of treatment can no longer help here. In such cases, the specialists of the GoBest Dentist offer various methods of surgical periodontology.

Flap Surgery & Gum Treatments
Flap Surgery & Gum Treatments

When is Surgical Periodontology Needed?

At GoBest Dentist, we try our best to save your teeth by any possible means we can. But there are some conditions which inadvertently requires your tooth to be removed.
These conditions are as follows:

  • Deep and extensive inflammatory process in the tissues of the tooth;
  • Restoration of the width of the periodontal joint;
  • Restoration of the shape of the gums before prosthetics;
  • Elimination of cosmetic defects - unhealthy condition of the gums or exposure of too large a part of it when smiling;
  • Restoration of bone tissue;
  • Elimination of gingival pockets.

The periodontist always starts treatment with a thorough diagnosis. Firstly, it assesses the condition of your gums visually, and secondly, he examines the depth of the connective tissue attachment surrounding your gums.He reveals a detailed picture of the condition of your gums in the form of a colored table, and also voices all problems during the study.

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What are the main tasks of periodontal surgery?

  • Elimination of sub gingival deposits;
  • Removal of neoplasms and granulation tissue;
  • Elimination of periodontal pockets;
  • Gum plastic.

What operations do we carry out?

Restoration of biological width

Biological width is the gum tissue around the tooth. With a serious inflammatory disease in the tissues, the gums can shift and grow on the teeth.

This makes them visually shorter. Professional surgeons in our clinic will perform the operation using a diode laser to give the gums the correct shape. Often, such an intervention also requires plastic revesion.

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When a large amount of plaque accumulates in the periodontal pockets, inflammation develops. In severe cases, treatment using regular measures no longer helps, then the specialized surgeons of theGoBest Dentist take over the work.

There are two ways to clear a deep pocket - closed and open curettage.
Closed curettage
Closed curettage involves cleansing periodontal pockets without affecting the integrity of the gums. First, using the finest ultrasonic tips, tartar is removed, and then the bottom of the pocket is processed. Areas of granulation tissue that appear as a result of inflammation are removed, and the periodontal pocket is washed with an antiseptic solution.
With the help of closed curettage, you can get rid of small periodontal pockets and reduce the size of deeper ones.

Open curettage
If the depth of the pockets exceeds 5 mm, then open curettage is performed. This method eliminates more complex inflammatory processes. With open curettage of periodontal pockets, an incision is made in the gum, which opens access to the very base of the teeth. Tartar, granulation tissue and plaque are removed, and antiseptic treatment is carried out.
The main thing in open curettage is that the doctor is not limited in his capabilities, because he is provided with full access to the entire periodontal pocket. This means that the result of the operation will be successful, the inflammation is relieved, and you will go home with healthy gums.

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When to choose surgical treatment over conventional?

When a periodontal pocket becomes very deep, extending more than 3-4 mm in depth, it becomes impossible to completely restore the attachment apparatus of teeth only by using a non-surgical treatment like scaling and root planing or a root canal treatment. Why?

First, it is almost impossible to completely remove dental plaque from deep periodontal pockets.

In non surgical treatment, we need to insert an ultrasonic nozzle under the gum "blindly", i.e. wemake movements without seeing what exactly is happening in the periodontal pockets. Therefore, a large amount of sub gingival deposits are likely to remain, which continue to cause damage to the supporting tissues.

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Secondly, if deep periodontal pockets have formed, then, even after scaling and anti-inflammatory therapy, conditions are created for the development of infection and further progression of periodontitis.

Therefore, the only way to treat periodontitis that guarantees improvement is the one that will eliminate periodontal pockets.This can only be done using surgical treatments for periodontitis.

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Flap Surgery & Gum Treatments

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Why do patients appreciate our clinic?

  • Reasonable prices for gum surgery with recession and more;
  • Official guarantee of best quality services and materials;
  • Experienced dental surgeons with more than 10 years of experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Severe concomitant oral pathology
  • Resorption of the alveolar process by more than half the length of the root (in this case, the operation is possible only with the use of transplant materials)
The entire procedure will be carried out under local anaesthesia. This means that while you might not feel any pain, you are still conscious. Thus you might feel a little discomfort. At GoBest Dentist we use pain free Laser technology to ensure minimum pain and optimal results.
Periodontal diseases generally cause a silent infection. This means that you might not be having pain, but the infection is rapidly progressing inside the bone. This can eventually lead to bone and soft tissue damage causing untimely damage to tooth.
At GoBest Dentist we always prefer to save the natural tooth wherever possible. But if you don’t want to go for periodontal surgery, you can opt for extraction of tooth. We have variety of options for tooth replacement ranging from crown and bridges to Implants.