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Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

What are the reasons for discolouration of teeth?

There are many reasons for the discolouration of teeth. It can be mainly classified into two types:

  • Extrinsic stains
  • Intrinsic stains

We will offer you the best suitable option as per the type of your stains.

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  1. Extrinsic stains

    These are the types of stains which are present on the outside of your teeth. This usually occurs because of your food habits or your smoking habits. The following food and beverages are known to cause stains on teeth:

    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Red wine
    • Food with coloured dyes
    • Tobacco
    • Poor oral hygiene
    • Excessive use of Mouthwash

    These stains can usually be removed by simple procedures like scaling and polishing of teeth.

  2. Intrinsic stains

    These are stains from within the teeth. These can be caused by one of the following reasons:

    • Medication use
    • Trauma
    • Ageing
    • Childhood illness
    • Infection
    • Fluorosis

    Intrinsic stains require professional bleaching treatments to brighten the shade.

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Types of bleaching treatments:

There are mainly two types of professional teeth whitening treatment options:

  • Take home bleaching kits
    Teeth Whitening

    They contain peroxide based bleaching agents ( either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide ) in a concentration of 3% to 20%. If you decide to go for home whitening procedures, it is imperative that you discuss with your dentist first. This becomes even more important when you have problems like sensitive teeth or large dental fillings. You should also consider a dental visit if you have only a single discoloured tooth.(In that case you might require a root canal treatment.

    Rather than over the counter gels and whitening toothpaste, a better option is getting a custom made tray for your mouth which will cover only those areas which needs bleaching. This will reduce the chances of getting a burn on your gums.

    The procedure includes loading the tray with the peroxide base paste and placing it over teeth for one to several hours a day for up to 4 weeks depending upon the severity of stains.


  • In Office bleaching

    In office bleaching systems are also based on peroxides but have a higher concentration ranging from 15% to 43%. Higher the concentration, faster are the results. So if you want a faster option, bleaching done by us at our clinic is the right choice for you.

    In office bleach can either be a single visit procedure or may require several clinic visits. We use heat, light or a combination of two to activate the agent and give you faster results. You can expect three to eight shades brighter teeth with our bleaching procedures.

      Read on to know the whole in-office bleaching procedure step by step…
    • As you visit GoBest Dentist, our dentists will first examine your teeth to decide which type of treatment is suitable for you.
    • A cheek retractor will be applied in order to get proper access to all your teeth in esthetic zone i.e teeth visible when you smile wide.
    • The shade of your teeth before the treatment is noted down.
    • A gum protecting solution is painted on your gums to protect it from irritation caused by the bleaching agent.
    • A bleaching agent containing either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is applied to all your teeth in the esthetic zone and allowed to set for 15-30 minutes.
    • It is then washed off and suctioned to apply another layer of fresh agent to rest again for 15-30 minutes which might be repeated if required.
    • Some of the whitening treatments might require activation of the bleaching agent by application of light in a definite spectra.
    • After the completion of process the shade of teeth is again recorded to know whether another sitting is required or not.
    • Sometimes we may advice you a second session of at home bleaching depending upon the result of first session.
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    Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

What care should be taken after the treatment?

  • You can maintain the lighter colour of your teeth by avoiding smoking and food.
  • Maintain regular dental care by brushing at least twic a day and flossing once a day.
  • Visit our friendly dentists at GoBest Dentist regularly for check ups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Though minor side effects are reported after a procedure, it is generally a safe procedure if proper guidelines given by our dentists are followed.
If you have used a home bleaching kit, the results may last for several months. Professional in office bleaching by our dentist can give you results that lasts for 2-3 years. It also depends upon your eating practises and your oral hygiene routine. The more you care, the longer it will last.
Teeth whitening gives best results if you have yellow teeth and less effective if you have brown teeth. Also it has its effect only on natural teeth. Artificial teeth like crowns an veneers cannot be bleached.
The sensitivity caused by the procedure is always temporary. The chemicals used in the teeth whitening procedure can temporarily irritate the nerves of the teeth. It is expected to ward off in1-2 days. Patients are generally advised to avoid drinking very cold drinks during that period.
The cost of the treatment depends upon the condition of your teeth and the type of procedure selected. Discuss with our dentist to get a detailed list of charged and a suitable option for you.