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Dental Crown

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is like a cap that will cover the part of your tooth visible in the oral cavity. It plays a role in protecting the remaining structure of your tooth while restoring its original shape, size and colour.

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When do you need a Dental Crown?

You will need a dental crown/bridge if you have:

  • A Grossly decayed tooth while cannot be saved by solely filling it or making an inlay/onlay.
  • A Fractured tooth.
  • Cosmetically imperfect tooth.
  • As a final step of Root Canal Treatment to strengthen the treated tooth.
  • As a final step of Dental Implant procedures to replace a missing tooth.

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What are the types of Dental crown?

There are a variety of options available at GoBest Dentist for you to choose from. This includes:

Metal Crown

Ceramic crown

Porcelain crown

Composite resin crown

Gold crown

Combination of all materials.

The choice of material for your crown depends on many factors.

The location of the tooth which requires a crown plays a key role in material selection. A crown located in the front should be more aesthetically pleasing while the crown located more posteriorly should be superior in strength.

All the above materials require different thickness in order to provide adequate strength to bear the chewing forces. This will determine the amount of cutting required for a particular crown. Metal crown requires minimum thickness and therefore preserves maximum natural tooth. Thus, remaining tooth structure plays a crucial role in deciding the material for the crown.

It is necessary to place the margin of your crown over healthy, sound tooth structure. Thus, the position of your gum line will help us decide which crown should will be best for you.

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Dental Crown
Dental Crown

Our process of creating a crown

It is usually a two day procedure:

  • First visit: Examining the tooth and preparing it for crown which is followed by an impression and shade matching. Temporary crown may be cemented if needed.
  • Second visit: Minor adjustments in crown if required followed by permanent cementation.
  • Firstly, we will examine and prepare your tooth which requires a crown. This may include taking X-rays and mould of your teeth beforehand.
  • Your tooth will then be prepared to receive the crown. This may include trimming of its surface to the desired size and shape.
  • We will take an impression of your prepared tooth along with the adjacent teeth and gums.
  • We will put a temporary crown over the prepared tooth to ensure its protection.
  • The impression is sent to the laboratory for personalized fabrication of your crown.
  • We will cement the crown to your tooth.
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Why choose GoBest Dentist for getting a crown?

  • We use only bio-compatible materials.
  • Our crowns are durable to last for years to come.
  • We use minimally invasive techniques to ensure maximum preservation of your natural tooth.
  • Our custom crafted crowns will ensure a perfect fit and natural feel.
  • Our utmost dedication to cleanliness and safety.

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What are the problems that I can expect with a dental crown?

Dental crowns are usually as comfortable as your natural tooth. But there are some minor issues that you might face over time.

1. Sensitivity of the concerned tooth
If your tooth is not root canal treated, it is likely that you will feel sensitivity in the prepared tooth once the anaesthesia wards off. This is temporary and will go once the crown is cemented to your tooth. Sometimes you may feel sensitivity for some days after the cementation of crown. Brushing with an anti-sensitivity tooth paste will help.

2. Pain on biting
If you feel pain while you bite normally on your crown, it usually means that the crown is high on your tooth. Don’t worry, the problem can be very easily solved once you inform us.

3. Chipping off
It is common for an all porcelain crown to get chipped. A small chip can be repaired in the mouth itself with the crown intact. A bigger chip or multiple chips may require removal of crown and re-fabrication.

4. Loosening or removal of crown
Sometimes the cement used to stick the crown to the tooth might wash off or the underlying tooth might catch decay. Both the cases will lead to loosening or removal of your crown. Contact us immediately for proper guidance under such situation.

5. Dark line on your crown near gum line
It is nothing but the metal showing off in your porcelain fused to metal crown. If it is aesthetically unpleasant, you need to get it replaced by an all ceramic crown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On an average it is expected to last for 5-15 years or even more. It depends upon your oral hygiene routine and personal habits. Damaging habits such as nail biting, chewing on ice/pencils or opening things using teeth should be discouraged.
Dental crowns can cost more than normal fillings but the cost is worth it. They provide better protection and improved function. At GoBest Dentist, we assure you regarding value for your money.
The procedure of preparing your tooth is performed under local anaesthesia so you are unlikely to feel anything. A little discomfort is expected after anaesthesia wards off but it will go off in a day or two.

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