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Invisalign: What you need to know?

Invisalignis an innovative system that is a transparent mouth guard for bite correction. These systems are suitable for those patients who intend to correct the bite and preserve the aesthetics of the smile.

The Invisalign set will consist of a series of individual removable aligners that are almost invisible on your teeth opposite to the traditional orthodontic treatment.

One of the latest achievements in orthodontics is the use of transparent aligners for orthodontic treatment. Aligners (aligners) effectively correct a significant part of bite pathologies, but at the same time they are much more convenient than braces as they are absolutely invisible on the teeth.

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How do Invisalign aligners work?

Before starting the treatment, dental impressions are taken and the desired result is modelled. After that, a plant manufactures a set of mouth guards for the entire treatment period using computer models. Each mouth guard is worn for about two weeks, after which it must be replaced with the next one. This allows you to gently move the teeth, gradually approaching the desired result.

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How long do bite correction guards wear?

Depending on the type and severity of the malocclusion, treatment with aligners can take from 4-5 months to 2.5 years. The result depends largely on how accurately the patient follows the recommendations for wearing aligners and how carefully they treat them.

If one of the aligners is damaged, the course of treatment may be disrupted. In addition, mouth guards cannot be removed for a long time - to achieve the desired result, you need to wear a mouth guard for at least 20-22 hours a day.
Bite correction with aligners is a modern and effective method of orthodontic treatment. Invisalign aligners are not visible to others, they do not injure the oral mucosa and do not interfere with your normal life. However, they require great independence and responsibility of the patient. It is necessary to be careful with aligners, do not take them off for a long time and do not forget to change them in time. Only in this case can you achieve the planned result.

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What Are The Advantages Of Invasalign ?

Mouth aligners are increasingly recommended by orthodontists as an alternative to braces. Their pluses:Efficiency of bite correction comparable to braces The only drawback of caps is their price. The cost of a set of caps is quite high. Nevertheless, you can choose this particular method of bite correction for its effectiveness and comfort.

  • Aesthetics

    Unlike metal, ceramic or sapphire braces, aligners are completely transparent and fit tightly to the teeth, making them completely invisible. In addition, aligners are removable structures, which allows them to be removed if necessary.

  • Aesthetics

    Unlike metal, ceramic or sapphire braces, aligners are completely transparent and fit tightly to the teeth, making them completely invisible. In addition, aligners are removable structures, which allows them to be removed if necessary.

  • Hygiene

    The ability to maintain complete dental careis one of the main advantages of Invisalign and advantages over braces. This is a very important factor in preventing the development of caries and its complications.

  • Individual approach

    Invisalign aligners are made individually based on your clinical situation. Using 3D technologies and modelling, a virtual model of your teeth is created in the laboratory, on which the attending physician will work on the construction of the bite. After obtaining the desired result, a set of aligners is made.

  • Suitable for teens and adults

    The Invisalign System is suitable for both adults and adolescents. The Teen version is a slightly modified system in which it is possible to control the use of aligners by the child, while maintaining efficiency and the same cost.

  • Treatment period

    Your treatment period will be determined based on your clinical situation and will be known after the end of treatment planning. Remember that the success of the treatment depends on you - aligners should be worn 20-22 hours a day throughout the entire treatment period.

  • Less painful

    The Invisalign system is the most comfortable and effective among the orthodontic systems. You may haveas little discomfort as getting a scaling done. In this case, the trays can be removed if necessary, which allows you to combine treatment with your lifestyle.

  • No food restrictions

    At the time of eating, the trays must be removed. Therefore, there are no restrictions. And also remember that it is forbidden to take hot drinks in a mouth guard. As a rule, there are no difficulties - the set contains special hooks for removing caps so as not to spoil the manicure (especially important for women).

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Invisalign system is recommended for most bite pathologies: gaps between teeth, crowded teeth, partial reversal of teeth, reverse, cross and deep bite, etc.
Dentists have successfully used removable appliances for many years. But thanks to the massive use of 3D computer technology Align Technology and personalization, the Invisalign system can be used to treat many patients who want to align their teeth.
Aligners should be worn at all times throughout your treatment, except when eating, brushing or flossing.
Most of the patients did not complain of speech impairments. However, in the case of classic bracket systems, there is an initial adaptation period associated with the presence of a new object in the mouth.
The best way to clean aligners is to brush using warm water and special cleaning crystals or cleaning tablets. To maintain proper oral hygiene, it is very important to brush your teeth after every meal and before putting on the aligners again.